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  • “Using the CARPS system makes our life easier - I know that I can rely on the system day-in and day-out.” Paulo Comacho, InterServe @ UCLH
  • “Using the CARPS system makes our life easier - I know that I can rely on the system day-in and day-out.” Paulo Comacho, InterServe @ UCLH

Optimising use of mobile staff

Operational efficiency is gained with CARPS task management system, whether operating in a single building or an extensive campus. You can keep track of mobile staff and their tasks, without needing them to waste time continually returning to a central base. Fully networkable, CARPS’ simple interface can allow a single controller to run an entire mobile staff from a PC or mobile smart device, minimising the talk-time needed to manage task distribution.

How it works...

Dynamic response, fast turnaround

Full, real-time visibility of operative status and the entire workload, with the ability to dynamically re-allocate work according to demand, means that mobile staff can be pooled to allow increased utilisation across a site.

With CARPS, no one sits idle and you can still provide fast response times to priority task requests. This enhances service provision, performance management and staff utilisation. Performance data is immediately available, enabling easy analysis of performance against key deliverables.

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Proven performance, tailored to your needs

Well established in more than 50 UK and Australian hospitals, CARPS is relied on as a mission-critical system by an extensive list of satisfied customers. It can be run on a range of hardware and communication platforms: both digital and analogue radio systems are supported, as well as mobile smart devices for use in WiFi environments, making CARPS flexible and easy to adopt.

Key benefits

  • Increased staff utilisation
  • Automatic, time-stamped audit trail of performance
  • Increased service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Easy to produce and easy to read management reports, including graphical summaries
  • Export data to external applications
  • All of which leads to considerable savings in both time and money - CARPS often pays for itself within a year of implementation.

CARPS has now been developed for use in the clinical environment

find out about Clinical CARPS Information for hospitals View full CARPS brochure See sample reports (PDF)

It has long been our intention to get TopCat and CARPS taking to each other and we are delighted to say that this is now a reality, further increasing the efficiency benefits of the two systems.

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How it works

CARPS is a highly modular and customisable software based system, which can integrate various platforms to manage your mobile staff more efficiently and effectively.

The basics of a CARPS system work like this:

  • CARPS Controller software is run on PC or Android mobile device. The Controller can create, manage and assign tasks, as well as control operative status (e.g. breaks, shifts, teams or group affiliations) and use the reporting features.
  • CARPS Logger may be installed on PC or Android smart device. A “Logger” can create tasks on the system, to be managed and assigned by a Controller. This can be particularly helpful for nurses or ward-clerks, removing the need for them to waste time calling a helpdesk.
  • CARPS Operatives may carry two-way radios or Android smart devices to receive tasks in text format and communicate with the Controller software. A simple button press on the operative device updates their status to “On Route” when they accept the task, “On Job” when the task is underway and “Available” when the task is complete. Voice communication need only be used in exceptional circumstances, such as for clarification or to report an issue.

The minimal amount of talk-time involved in CARPS task management means staff are not constantly picking up the phone or being kept on hold. The clear and complete view of Operative and Task status afforded to the Controller, means they can easily assign work to the most appropriate team member by location or other criteria.

As tasks are issued and Operatives update their status, a time-stamped audit trail of data is collected for reporting purposes. This can be invaluable for management in cases of disputes over performance or for performance analysis to develop staffing policy or other processes in support of ongoing, pro-active improvement of service delivery.

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