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  • “Alfred Health won The Metropolitan Health Workforce Initiative Award for their “Out of the dark” redesigning care program. A program utilizing Clinical CARPS at its heart.” Alfred Health ICU
  • “Clinical CARPS data was able to inform the scope of the problem and we are able to monitor on a night-by-night basis how we are going at tackling it.” Benjamin Warren, Alfred Health

Why Clinical CARPS?

Hospitals are asked to improve efficiency, improve patient care outcomes and save money. In short, to do more with less. While this seems like asking the impossible, the affordable availability of powerful information technology, such as smart devices and software, means that innovations in communication and information handling are areas of great possibility.

Doing more with less

Patient safety and quality care rely on the right people, at the right time, with the right information. Clinicians working in under-resourced, over-burdened environments, particularly outside of normal hours, can feel they are isolated and struggling with more than they can handle. This can affect morale, the ability to prioritise effectively and ultimately impact on patient care, safety and experience. Clinical CARPS facilitates an improved model of practice based on load-sharing, consistency and transparency. It brings the proven benefits of CARPS task management to the clinical environment, promising improved communication and efficiency and typically delivering return on investment within 18 months.

Accuracy, speed and clarity

Assignment of clinical tasks is often reliant on an inconsistent mixture of pager bleeps and time-costly phone calls. With Clinical CARPS, clear, standardised and complete task information is sent instantly to the most appropriate team member, ensuring care is prioritised effectively and delivered in a timely fashion. The entire clinical workload is visible in real-time, enabling dynamic task re-distribution via PC or mobile smart device to optimise allocation according to demand. Shift handovers are managed with ease and an audit trail of hard data is easily accessible for analysis and continuous improvement.

Key Benefits

  • Concise, standardised, instant clinical task communication saves time and improves patient safety
  • Transparency of workload and clinician/task status improves prioritisation and distribution of work
  • Even task distribution reduces staff fatigue and improves morale
  • Improved handover as tasks are transferred directly from the device and re-assigned
  • Easy access to time-stamped hard data for reporting, analysis and continuous improvement

Users have reported all of these benefits and more. Clinical CARPS offers a genuine opportunity to improve patient outcomes while saving time and money. Read our case study to understand how Clinical CARPS was able to help The Alfred Hospital's at Night team.

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