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  • “The introduction of TopCat has revolutionised our auditing process. No more spreadsheets or double entry and fantastic reports.” University of Reading
  • “At the Wesley we decided to use the TopCat system as more than just an auditing tool… It has proved invaluable as a quality control check for the hospital.” Brendan McGovern, The Wesley Hospital

Increased efficiency

TopCat can lead to considerable savings in both time and money. You can reduce the amount of time it takes to carry out an individual audit or inspection, giving staff time to do more. TopCat removes the need for paper and pen, as auditors enter data, including photos and signatures, directly on a mobile smart device. Audits are then synchronised to PC based TopCat software, eliminating delays between inspection and performance analysis and improving your compliance management.

Improved compliance

Staff will be able to audit and inspect against all compliance standards in a quick, simple and reliable way. You can also generate and schedule audits, reducing any need for field-staff to return to a central base and demonstrating accurately when inspections are being carried out. You can even use QR or bar code scanning to reliably identify locations and assets for inspection.

Effortless reporting

TopCat is a powerful reporting tool which easily produces a wide range of compliance management reports. Decision-makers will benefit from reliable data being available in quick-to-produce and easy-to-read reports, meaning performance against standards can be managed effectively.

TopCat is for any environment that works to any compliance standards

Easy to introduce, TopCat software and mobile app is ideal for large single-buildings, campus-based facilities or nationwide infrastructure where performance against standards needs to be demonstrated. For example: hospitals, nursing homes, university campuses, building maintenance firms, facilities management companies, utilities, local government, airports - the list is endless.

It has long been our intention to get TopCat and CARPS taking to each other and we are delighted to say that this is now a reality, further increasing the efficiency benefits of the two systems.

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Key benefits

  • Increased field staff utilisation
  • Replaces paper-based auditing and compliance management
  • Removes the need for re-keying data
  • Easy-to-produce and easy-to-read management reports including graphical summaries
  • Measures against ANY standards e.g. NHS Cleaning Standards 2007
  • Perfect facilities management software and performance management software

All of which leads to considerable savings in both time and money.

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