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“We needed a fast-response control and despatch system to cover all ancillary services at The Trust…We now have a system that does what we want and need it to do.” Tim Hawkes, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Information for Hospitals

Meeting the challenge: hospitals can be more efficient and improve levels of patient care & safety

This powerful tool gives a clear picture of exactly what wards and departments need and the available staff resources in real-time. CARPS enables transparent, dynamic task management; prioritised, allocated and monitored across teams, departments and buildings.

Any organisational structure can be accommodated and optimised; whether staff are ward-based, pool-based or both. Tasks can be requested or “logged” directly from ward or departmental PCs, mobile devices or tablet keypads.

Learn more about ward and departmental booking via CARPS Keypad (PDF)

Technically advanced, easy to operate

How it works The CARPS system comprises two software applications, the Controller which manages the system, and the Logger application for requesting tasks. Operatives carry two-way radios or mobile smart devices, which integrate with CARPS software to complete the loop. Robust and reliable enough for busy hospitals, the deceptively simple interface can allow a single controller to manage hundreds of staff and tasks, while minimising phone and radio talk time.

Powerful data, continuous improvement

Management can get the reports that they want, as and when required. Multiple data fields and practically limitless data filters mean reports can be tailored to exactly what is needed, whether by:

  • Job number, task, task number or group of tasks, whether actioned, or cancelled
  • Member of staff, team, shift, shift-pattern or other grouping
  • Department or group of departments, buildings or sites
  • Task priority or grouped priorities
  • Time taken to respond to task, KPI performance
  • By hour, day, week, month, year (or whatever other time period is required)
  • Operative or Controller
  • Location ('From' or 'To' or groups of locations)
  • In tabular format or graphical

Information will be available for managers to monitor, manage, analyse and report on activity and to use the information for future planning. Reporting with CARPS couldn't be easier.

CARPS has now been developed for use in the clinical environment

find out about Clinical CARPS Information for hospitals View full CARPS brochure See sample reports (PDF)

Take a look at some of the work CARPS can manage:

  • Bed cleaning
  • Blood / Specimens collection / delivery
  • Cleaning / spills
  • General Porterage / PSA / PCA
  • Linen collection / delivery
  • Meal collection / delivery
  • Medical Equipment / records collection / delivery
  • Patient Transport (Internal / External)
  • Security tasks / incidents
  • Theatre orderlies
  • Waste Management Sharps
  • X-Ray Departments
  • Estates Maintenance / PPM