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  • “Basically, with Purcell, nothing goes wrong! They are nice guys who deliver what they promise.” The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust
  • “I've always found Purcell to be real experts when it comes to radio systems. They are professional, take pride in doing a good job and are easy to do business with.” Craig Walker, Senior Partner, Chiltern Antenna Systems

Fast and reliable communications are the lifeblood of busy companies

Purcell offers a one-stop service for UK businesses, small and large, looking to source the most appropriate communication platform for their needs. Being experts in the field for more than 20 years, you can expect cost-effective solutions and dependable, honest advice.

Supply, design, installation and maintenance

We offer tailored communications solutions to suit your needs. Worry-free, we can deliver a one-stop service; organising everything from an aerial system through to customised radio software. First we confirm what you need, we survey the site and then, after agreement, we can take on full responsibility for designing, installing and maintaining your system.

It couldn’t be simpler, whether you need just basic radio equipment, a complex, multi-site system, communications software or simply advice, we can help.

Source the best kit

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We believe in only stocking equipment that we have first tested and can really recommend. From us, you can source a choice of reliable two-way radios and other radio system communications equipment; whether replacing existing kit or just starting out, we can advise you on the best equipment to suit your particular needs.

Radio Licencing made easy

Business radio licencing can be a minefield for the uninitiated. For a start - do you need one? If you already have one, is it appropriate for your needs? We can advise you, or even act on your behalf, to get what you need throughout the Ofcom licensing process. In London, where new radio frequencies are hard to obtain, we have a number of London radio licences (Community Base Stations) available for short-term or long-term rental. Contact us.


We can provide an independent assessment of your immediate communication requirements, and to support your future needs. Our advice will ensure you get the optimum performance from any investment.

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We supply an extensive range of communication equipment from the largest well known manufacturers, and specialist ones too.

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