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“It's nice to work with a company that knows what it’s doing and understands the equipment as well as they do.”Craig Walker, Senior Partner, Chiltern Antenna Systems

Expert consultancy on offer

Let us review your current communications needs and systems with you. We will be happy to carry out a full communication needs analysis, if required. It sometimes helps businesses to have an independent assessment of, not only current communications needs, but also what will be needed to support a 3, 5 or 10 year Business Plan. Our advice will ensure you get the optimum performance from any investment.

A review saves time and money

Businesses need to keep their operating costs to a minimum and investing in the right infrastructure and the right communications systems can mean ongoing savings on a day-to-day basis. In fact, new infrastructure is not always required; sometimes all it takes is optimising what's already there.

Purcell are able to quickly undertake an organisational gap analysis to understand the communications facilities that are already available and work out what else is needed - if anything. This can help a business in their longer-term planning too. There are times when, either through down-sizing, moving premises, increasing the size or scale of existing premises, or change of usage of a site, business radio communications needs can change.

Purcell will visit your site, draft technical diagrams outlining existing provision and supply easy-to-understand maps detailing our recommendations. Take a look - it couldn't be easier.

Transition Management

For those using or planning to use CARPS software, Purcell are even able to plan a smooth changeover from analogue to digital radio systems over time. Purcell have developed a handy Device Communicator which can handle both analogue and digital to make a seamless transition - so change can be effective and investment can be efficient.
Take a look at how this works.