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The UCLH HelpDesk is really busy. We handle hundreds and hundreds of calls, and dispatch tasks 24/7. Using the CARPS system makes our life easier - I know that I can rely on the system day-in and day-out. That level of reliability is important when you get the number of urgent and emergency calls that we get. And its also good that I can pull off reports as and when I need to. Paulo Comacho - Helpdesk Supervisor for Interserve at University College London Hospitals
"Knowing that Purcell are at the other end of the phone when needed is reassuring. This is a really busy unit. We depend on CARPS to manage the thousands of tasks which come through this section every day. Often, if a problem occurs, it is down to interference from work being done elsewhere, human interference or through computer malfunctions – but Purcell are always happy to help out or give advice. They are always prompt to respond to call-outs." Caroline Pedro - Head of Portering Services, Royal London Hospital
"We needed a fast-response control and despatch system to cover all ancillary services at The Trust. We did our research, and CARPS Task Management seemed to most suit our needs. Purcell has worked with us in Leeds now for more than 10 years. Over that time, the level of technological advancement, and regularity of software upgrades to the system, has kept pace with organisational need. We now have a system that does what we want and need it to do." Tim Hawkes - Estates & Facilities IT Manager, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
"Introducing computerised dispatching to Leeds ten years ago, revolutionised the way we organised and managed our resources. CARPS allowed us to dispatch tasks directly to our staff wherever they were, instead of getting them to return to a central dispatch office. Not only did this reduce time-wastage, but it improved the number of tasks we could handle and the time taken to complete these tasks. This helped our achievement of performance against service levels." Sean Dodsworth - Senior Facilities Manager, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
“The introduction of the Carps task management system has arguably been the best investment that the Princess Alexandra Hospital has ever made in the support services areas. The cost of the initial investment is recovered every 4 months.” Reducing Nursing & Support Staff Workloads with Nursing Task Management – A Case Study by Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland, Australia
“Carps, from a nursing perspective is the most positive initiative for both the ward staff and environmental services. Carps has eliminated the fear of “no response” and the need to make multiple phone calls for the one task. This service has gained efficiencies and improved communications, this all contributing to improved outcomes.” Roz McCoy – Director of Nursing – Division of Medicine PAH
“Basically, with Purcell, nothing goes wrong! They've worked for us for more than six years now, and I can't think of any problems in all that time. They are nice guys who deliver what they promise… In all the time they have worked for us, we have had no system failures or any need for ad hoc repairs. That means a lot to us.” Steven Packer, Assistant Director of Facilities, The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust
“I've always found Purcell to be real experts when it comes to radio systems. They are professional, take pride in doing a good job and are easy to do business with…It's nice to work with a company that knows what its doing and understands the equipment as well as they do.” Craig Walker, Senior Partner, Chiltern Antenna Systems
“MTV is a 24-hour Cable TV music channel. With no breaks in transmission, it is critical for staff to be able to rely on internal communication channels 24/7 – both for engineering support and for safety and security. We have had a good relationship with Purcell, in that they help us to stay-on-air with rock-solid radio communications support.” Mark Randall, Contract & Vendor Manager, MTV Networks Europe, London
"Having worked with Purcell over many years, I can wholeheartedly say that their professional, upfront and honest approach to all they do makes them good to work with and a valued customer. They know exactly what they are doing and can be relied upon in their dealings with us." Andrew Hyde - Dealer Sales Manager at Zycomm Electronics Ltd
"Motorola Solutions and Purcell Radio Systems have been working together for more than 20 years. We have an excellent working relationship with Purcell, I have worked personally with Noel and Shawn for more than a year, and have been impressed by the depth of their understanding of radio-communications. They have worked with the technical team here at Motorola to improve how our TEAM technology can be employed into wide-area use." Anthony Fulgoni - Distribution Manager, Motorola Solutions
“The introduction of TopCat has revolutionised our auditing process. No more spreadsheets or double entry and fantastic reports that can be used for both continuous improvement and highlighting areas of concern, both with teams on the ground and at director level. Thank you Purcell!” Kate Jackson, Contract Compliance Officer, University of Reading
“At the Wesley we decided to use the TopCat system as more than just an auditing tool. As we use the system, we actively seek and record feedback responses across a broad platform of issues from nursing staff, patients, cleaners and managers…It has proved invaluable as a quality control check for the hospital.” Brendan McGovern, Environmental Services Manager, The Wesley Hospital
“Regular cleaning audits are scheduled via the new TopCat management system, resulting in superior cleaning services.” Mackay Hospital & Health Service Annual Report 2013-2014 (Queensland Government)
”One of our ‘Timely Quality Care’ initiatives won The Premier’s Award for Advancing Healthcare – Putting Patients First. ‘Out of the dark: Timely Quality Care – After Hours Working Group’ was recognised for introducing a new model of care that includes a new team structure and roles, processes to streamline care and centralisation of task management to effectively manage Alfred Health’s resources and staff at night.” Alfred Health News 2013 “Alfred Health Wins Honours at Healthcare Awards”
“The medical and surgical residents started to share tasks amongst themselves. This was facilitated by Clinical CARPS, which allows them to see all the tasks, and now they share tasks of their own volition…a sign that we had not just a team, but a high functioning team overnight.” Dr Kyle Brooks, Senior ICU Registrar, Alfred Health